Wardaman Dreaming

What a wonderful site for learning about one Aboriginal community and their history/culture – and this is an example of how many Aboriginal communities want to share their knowledge with others (in the public domain).  I point to examples like these when teachers make excuses for not including Indigenous perspectives like “I don’t think it’s my place to teach Aboriginal culture”, and “What if I showed something I was not allowed to show?”

Aboriginal people have over 60000 years’ experience sorting knowledge and deciding what can be public and what is secret/sacred, who can know what, etc.  The chances of the layman stumbling across content they shouldn’t see are pretty slim.  A resource like this is an example of a group of people actively choosing to make their culture public and choosing what knowledge they want made available.  It is surface level information and there would be many other layers of knowledge that we would not be privy to, which will never make it on to this website.