Australia still shaking off its colonial past

Shame, shame, shame.

Can’t believe we even need to discuss this – or sign a petition. Nil Entertainment released a mobile phone App/game in December with the theme of survival in the Australian desert. It promised its players they would meet “real Aborigines” and it encouraged players to kill the dangerous Aborigines in order to survive. All kinds of wrong – promoting stereotypes that the only “real” Aboriginal people are in the desert, not to mention promoting a new form of frontier violence and genocide and dehumanising Aboriginal people.

Even more shockingly, Apple rated the game PG for 12 yrs and over and made it available in Google Play stores for $4.49!!!! People pay for this stuff?!

Of course, most people are outraged. But there’s the usual proponents of “free speech” who believe those offended are being PC. I can’t see how this game “says” anything worth contributing to our society so the free speech argument is pretty weak.  I don’t like violent games at all – but any game making a joke out of targeting and killing a specific group of people (based on race, gender, interest group, whatever) is inappropriate.

The game was designed by Kristina Fedenkova at Nil Entertainment – I can’t find much about the company or game developer but encourage the boycotting of her other games listed at

Georgia Mantle has started a petition against this violent and racist rubbish here; I encourage you to sign: